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Ice Ice Baby

After a party, I ended up with several Smirnoff Ice Malt beverages. I wasn’t entertaining teenagers, so am not exactly sure how this happened. As you can imagine, I wanted … Continue reading

2012/10/31 · 3 Comments

Jamaican me loco

      Today’s Ingredient Flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus flower) Dried hibiscus flowers are consumed all around the world. They are usually steeped for tea, often along with ginger & … Continue reading

2012/10/29 · Leave a comment

Cheetos Roux

Specifically, Hot Cheetos roux. I know, right? Anyway with a modicum of culinary experience would tell you that these words DO NOT belong together. Roux is used as a thickener … Continue reading

2012/08/07 · 3 Comments


Oh, tofu. How boring. I spent hours trying to find some entertaining way to write about tofu, the sweetheart of healthy people everywhere, and started to go mad. One evening … Continue reading

2012/07/25 · 4 Comments

Home on the Range

Hello again. Thanks for stopping by! Today’s ingredient is: Antelope Antelope are a diverse group of animals indigenous to Africa, Europe and Asia. They comprise over 90 different species. That’s … Continue reading

2012/06/15 · 3 Comments

Packt like Sardines

Sardines. Sardines seem like a terrible ingredient. Eating oily, canned fish is not on my list of romantic food fantasies (yes, I do have them). However, sardines do have some … Continue reading

2012/06/08 · 4 Comments

We are from ze Land of Chocolate!

Guten Tag! Today’s ingredient comes from Germany, the land of chocolate! Delicious foods that hail from Germany include strudel, schnitzel, bratwurst, beer and …Kohlrabi?!? Is that a creature from the … Continue reading

2012/05/29 · 5 Comments